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International Business Consulting and Economic Development

Vaut & Associates is an internationally based consulting group specializing in business problem solving and promoting economic development.  Vaut & Associates experts are experienced at:

  • Operating commercial businesses, with particular expertise in the food industries and agribusiness, as well as helping management and investors plan, grow, and improve profitability and efficiency.

  • Developing and managing sustainable approaches to economic development in transitional economies and less developed areas, particularly in adapting business skills and approaches to resolving issues related to sustainable income generation.

Fruit processing plant - Poland

International Business Consulting


Vaut & Associates has managed small and large companies around the world and and assisted  financiers, investors, owners, and management in the acquisition, turnaround, restructuring, planning, and operation of a variety of businesses, principally in the food industries and agribusiness.


Pond fishery - Dem Rep of Congo (Zaire)

Economic Development

Vaut & Associates staff have designed and managed innovative economic development institutions and projects in the private commercial, non-governmental, non-profit, and official development assistance sectors.



Vaut & Associates specializes in bringing together teams of selected international experts tailored for each assignment, often drawing on local expertise and third country specialists to assemble the most successful and cost effective solutions and strategies.