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Vaut & Associates has experience in the management and operations of small and large companies around the world and in assisting financiers, investors, owners, and management in acquisition due diligence, turnaround, restructuring, planning, and operation of a variety of businesses, principally in the food industries and agribusiness.  Staff have conducted numerous feasibility studies and due diligence assessments for a variety of different projects and investments.

Consulting assignments have addressed nearly all aspects of the food industry:

Apple receiving - Poland

The production, harvest and handling of agricultural raw materials, including: animal feeds, aquaculture, baking, beverages, crop protection, dairy, FMCG, field crops, frozen foods, fruits (tree and berry crops), vegetables, grains processing and flour milling, livestock (beef, swine), meat processing, oilseeds, poultry, seafood processing, and agricultural seeds. 

Fruit juice concentrate presses - Poland


Multi-function/multi-sector experience in the  production, processing, sales, marketing, distribution, and technology of agricultural and food products, including the design and operation of food processing plants and facilities, supply chain management, and quality and safety related issues

Hortex juice filling - Poland



The manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of products for the consumer, industrial and food service segments



Vaut and Associates staff are experienced in the efficient and profitable management of all types of businesses, including strategic planning, financial analysis and management, accounting, human resource management, training and management/executive development, management information systems, R&D and logistics.